Technical Penguins Design Penguin is holding a paintbrush in one hand and a palette in the other, wearing glasses and a moustache.

We’ve been making stuff look good since it involved newspaper layouts in Quark Xpress with accompanying pica sticks. Digital design is a lot more fun. Technical Penguins design can create custom themes, tweak existing ones, and make logos, data visualizations, social-media graphics and more.

If you have an existing visual identity for your brand, we’ll make it shine; if you don’t have one yet, we’ll get you there.

We offer a number of services:

  • Tweak or restyle existing themes
  • Create fully custom WordPress themes
  • Design or redesign sites on other platforms
  • Create logos
  • Develop optimized social media graphics
  • Provide data visualizations

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I’ve worked with Joan for years, usually running to her when I’ve caused a disaster on a website and need her to bail me out. She has never failed me… Joan is reliable, knowledgeable, trustworthy, fast, and fun! Yes, fun! When you are having WordPress issues, having a fun developer is essential to your mental well-being. Joan makes me smile and makes my sites run smoothly.

Jimmie Quick

iHomeschool Network, Notebooking Fairy and

As I set up my new photography business, there was no doubt in my mind who would create my website. Dan and Joan are very knowledgeable and super pleasant to work with. I was blown away when I received my first client who found me on an internet search after only having the website up for one month! I should not have been surprised, Technical Penguins is amazing at what they do.

Nina Myers

CM&M Photography

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Discounts / Subscriptions

If you're looking to save some money, try a maintenance agreement. Our maintenance plans include access to all premium content, discounts on all services, and other perks.

Standard Maintenance & Security Plan

  • 10% off regular hourly rates
  • CMS and plugins kept up-to-date
  • Comprehensive backups

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Premium Maintenance & Security Plan

  • 15% off regular hourly rates
  • CMS and plugins kept up-to-date
  • Comprehensive backups
  • 1 hour of work per month included

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