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There’s nothing more frustrating than spending hours trying to track down some website glitch when you could have been doing the work that’s core to your business. That’s where the Technical Penguins slide in.

We’re Joan Concilio and Dan Herman, webgeeks based in York, PA (not generally home to too many penguins, but a cool place nonetheless), available for remote work around the world.

Whether you need design support, content creation, editing, custom web development or just some general consulting on how to help your digital presence work better for you, we can help.


As I set up my new photography business, there was no doubt in my mind who would create my website. Dan and Joan are very knowledgeable and super pleasant to work with. I was blown away when I received my first client who found me on an internet search after only having the website up for one month! I should not have been surprised, Technical Penguins is amazing at what they do.

Nina Myers

CM&M Photography

Joan is an excellent webmaster. Her skills are super. Joan is able to do anything asked of her and always responds as quickly as possible. She is also very creative, being able to add unique solutions to problems presented. It is good to know that Joan can be relied upon to present a website that is accurate and attractive at the same time. I would highly recommend Joan.

Cyrile M. Sincock

President, Maryland Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians

I work as both a blogger and virtual assistant. While I am confident in many tasks of blogging and social media management, there are several aspects of web development that I struggle with. It’s important to know your limitations, and for me, coding and programming are not areas with which I am proficient. Reaching out to Technical Penguins helped me to ease the worry of how to best manage that part of the jobs that I do for my business and my clients. Working with Joan and Dan is one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made.

Renée Brown

Great Peace Virtual Assistance

Dan and I have worked together for a number of years on site development. I design the site and he executes the development. I can say this without any hesitation, Dan is the best developer I have ever worked with in my 12-year career as a designer. He is accurate, creative, innovative and is always working a few steps ahead… I trust his capability 100% and you will too.

Ken Bruggeman

Campbell Associates
Founder, Chasing Light Ministries

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