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Technical Penguins: Joan Penguin and Dan Penguin are pictured together, both wearing glasses with little tufts of hair.

Joan Concilio and Kaitlyn Concilio are the dynamic duo who run Technical Penguins, a woman-owned business based in the western United States. The name comes from the nonprofit we co-founded, Pengins for Everyone, which gives free stuffed penguins to those in need, and our general love of these adorkable little birds.

2 people are standing together behind a hammock filled with large stuffed penguins.

Kait (left) and Joan (right), along with Scoops, Hoogerheide, Fiona and Nixie.

Technical Penguins is an economically disadvantaged woman-owned small business.

Kaitlyn Concilio

Co-owner & principal technical consultant

Kait has been coding websites since the Y2K bug was a real concern, and still remembers dialing into the library computer via terminal to reserve books. She primarily does development and design. In addition to writing software, both in-house and as a consultant, she’s previously worked in print and digital design for newspapers. When not on the computer, she enjoys reading and playing basketball.

Joan Concilio

Co-owner & principal consultant

Nothing makes Joan happier than a well-organized system or process. Joan focuses on workflow analysis, data design, and content writing and editing, with a solid dose of front-end development for funsies. Joan has worked in web development, design and management since 1999 in the journalism, higher education, personal finance and homeschooling spaces – and is one of those weird tech people who likes non-computer hobbies, like reading physical media, kayaking, practicing martial arts and making abstract art. Joan’s hair is rarely the same color two months in a row.

Link Pengin

Web Admiral

Link is one of our many penguins (we call them “pengins”), and among the most … we’ll say “insistent.” She’s a web developer who helped with this site as well as Pengins for Everyone. She insists all her titles (there are many) include “admiral,” because “it’s higher than a captain.” In her spare time, she enjoys hugs.

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