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Sometimes, a basic theme and a suite of 57 plugins still doesn’t cut it. Custom development to the rescue: Technical Penguins development can give you exactly what you need; your site runs better; and often it costs less than that huge collection of one-off tools.

Whether it’s a system to beautifully display data from a Google spreadsheet on your site, a special ecommerce integration or an integrated social-sharing toolbar, we can build it.

We offer a number of services:

  • Full-service php development (WordPress or otherwise)
  • Javascript development (vanilla or a variety of frameworks)
  • Python development
  • HTML5 and CSS development
  • Database development
  • Custom WordPress theme creation
  • Custom WordPress plugin creation
  • E-commerce integrations

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As I set up my new photography business, there was no doubt in my mind who would create my website. Dan and Joan are very knowledgeable and super pleasant to work with. I was blown away when I received my first client who found me on an internet search after only having the website up for one month! I should not have been surprised, Technical Penguins is amazing at what they do.

Nina Myers

CM&M Photography

Joan with Technical Penguins was a life-saver for me! I was completely apprehensive to allow anyone to adjust the back-end web settings of my new website based on a previous unpleasant experience. Joan was a whole new experience… Not only that, she is fast. The money was worth my time and sanity. I have full trust in Joan and will only be using her from here on out for all my web and tech assistance.

Courtney Messick

I work as both a blogger and virtual assistant. While I am confident in many tasks of blogging and social media management, there are several aspects of web development that I struggle with. It’s important to know your limitations, and for me, coding and programming are not areas with which I am proficient. Reaching out to Technical Penguins helped me to ease the worry of how to best manage that part of the jobs that I do for my business and my clients. Working with Joan and Dan is one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made.

Renée Brown

Great Peace Virtual Assistance

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If you're looking to save some money, try a maintenance agreement. Our maintenance plans include access to all premium content, discounts on all services, and other perks.

Standard Maintenance & Security Plan

  • 10% off regular hourly rates
  • CMS and plugins kept up-to-date
  • Comprehensive backups

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Premium Maintenance & Security Plan

  • 15% off regular hourly rates
  • CMS and plugins kept up-to-date
  • Comprehensive backups
  • 1 hour of work per month included

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