An illustration of a penguin with a pom-pom in one hand and a foam flipper (like a giant foam finger) with 'No. 1' printed on it

I’ve worked with Joan for years, usually running to her when I’ve caused a disaster on a website and need her to bail me out. She has never failed me.

My latest project was actually a proactive one! I was moving domain names and installing a brand new WordPress theme with a front-end editor. I was leery of making this huge switch, knowing it would cause frustration to work with something totally new. I’d been procrastinating for months, so I asked Joan to get me started with the process.

[The Penguins] helped me back and forth with a phone call and detailed emails, finding out what I wanted. Then they delivered — and fast. I wanted them only to get me over the hump with starting the transition plus doing all the backend techy stuff that I don’t understand. I wanted to play with my layout myself, and they offered precisely the level of help that I wanted — just enough to get me started and removing all the tricky things so I could focus on the fun part of my site’s look. They also supported me by answering a few questions so I can DIY next time.

Joan is reliable, knowledgeable, trustworthy, fast, and fun! Yes, fun! When you are having WordPress issues, having a fun developer is essential to your mental well-being. Joan makes me smile and makes my sites run smoothly.

Jimmie Quick

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