An illustration of a penguin with a pom-pom in one hand and a foam flipper (like a giant foam finger) with 'No. 1' printed on it

I work as both a blogger and virtual assistant. While I am confident in many tasks of blogging and social media management, there are several aspects of web development that I struggle with. It’s important to know your limitations, and for me, coding and programming are not areas with which I am proficient. Reaching out to Technical Penguins helped me to ease the worry of how to best manage that part of the jobs that I do for my business and my clients. Working with them is one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made.

Their expertise has brought peace to my mind on several occasions. They assist with minor tasks quickly and efficiently, allowing me to focus on the work I do best. They have also taken on more serious problems for both myself and my clients. For example, they took on a job where my client’s website had been hacked with malicious content. They developed a methodical action plan to search out, locate and repair all the necessary code and files. Additionally, they offered actionable tasks for both the client and myself to do to fully resolve the problem.

I highly recommend Technical Penguins for both their expertise and the professional manner they use in dealing with their clientele.

Renée Brown

Great Peace Virtual Assistance